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Empowering Community

Community Engagement

Whether new or established, Hockett Consulting helps your business connect or reconnect with your community, enhancing trust, offering engagement opportunities, and helping attract more clients.

Vibrant Community Events

Hockett Consulting expertly assists in planning your community events, including securing speakers, sourcing entertainment, and coordinating with vendors for a successful gathering.

Speaking Engagements

Hockett Consulting offers expert speaking services, either individually or on panels, covering topics such as Community Engagement, Juvenile Justice, Peer Pressure, and Parent Involvement.

Empowering Youth Through Experienced Guidance

Hockett Consulting brings a wealth of expertise with 30 years of experience in Juvenile Corrections. This extensive background equips us to offer comprehensive resources and support for your most challenging youth.

We are dedicated to providing practical solutions and guidance to help these young individuals thrive in various environments.

Experience Consulting

Yolanda Hockett has spent three decades at Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center, actively supporting justice-involved youth. Her commitment is highlighted in documentaries like Hulu's "Save Me" and HBO MAX's "Justice USA." As leader of the Haynes-Trinity Neighborhood Coalition, she raised over $85,000 for local schools, demonstrating her dedication to community and education.

With degrees in Criminal Justice and Public Service Management, Yolanda holds certifications from the American Correctional Association. Her community service has earned her multiple awards, and she maintains memberships in influential organizations. Yolanda’s role as a mother complements her professional and community contributions.


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Building Foundations for Collaborative Success


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Working with Yolanda Hockett is one of the smartest decisions you can make for growing your business’s presence in the wider community and having a superior outreach strategy. Yolanda has decades of experience in Nashville and public service and can help fine tune what you are trying to accomplish when it comes to community relations, outreach, to help with your growth strategy. She brings a well-roundedness that’s hard to find. Can’t recommend enough using her over, a large firm.

Spencer Mullins Member Growth Consultant

Hockett Consulting Pricing

Hockett Consulting Fees

Hockett Consulting offers flexible pricing to meet various needs and budgets. Our hourly rate is set at $100, ideal for speaking engagements and one-on-one consulting sessions tailored to specific business challenges.

For ongoing community engagement projects, we provide a monthly service option starting at $400. This rate ensures comprehensive support over an extended period, allowing businesses to deepen their community impact through sustained efforts.

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