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Meet Yolanda Hockett, a lifelong public servant and native Nashvillian, running for Metro Council At-Large to make Nashville a better place for all.

With 29 years of experience in Juvenile Corrections and a track record of accomplishments, Yolanda is committed to serving the community with accessibility, transparency, and dependability.

Yolanda is running to make sure the city prioritizes its youth and protects its housing and economic opportunities for all Nashvillians.


The city council prioritizing the youth means that the council is making a conscious effort to invest in the future of Nashville by addressing the needs and concerns of its young residents. This can involve dedicating resources to education, providing safe and accessible spaces for recreation, and advocating for policies that benefit the youth. By prioritizing the youth, the city council is investing in the well-being and future success of its citizens, which in turn benefits the entire community.


Protecting its housing is a crucial responsibility of the city council as it ensures that native Nashvillians have access to affordable and safe housing options. This can be achieved through policies that prevent gentrification, regulate rental prices, and preserve historic neighborhoods. The city council also plays a role in maintaining public housing and addressing any concerns residents may have. By protecting its housing, the city council is ensuring that Nashvillians have a secure place to call home and preserving the city's diverse communities.

Economic Opportunities

Prioritizing economic opportunities for all Nashvillians means that the city council is working to create an inclusive and equitable economy where everyone has access to financial stability and upward mobility. This can involve supporting small businesses, investing in job training programs, and advocating for fair wages and benefits. The city council also plays a role in attracting and retaining companies and industries that provide sustainable employment for Nashvillians. By prioritizing economic opportunities, the city council is working to build a vibrant and thriving economy for all its residents.


Yolanda Hockett has shown her commitment to education by raising $85,520.70 for priority schools in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district 1. This significant amount of funding was distributed among four schools – Haynes Middle School ($12,550.03), Alex Green Elementary ($11,304.82), Cumberland Elementary ($11,665.85), and Whites Creek High School ($50,000) – to help improve educational outcomes for students in the area. This accomplishment showcases Yolanda’s leadership skills, her ability to mobilize resources and her passion for education.

In 2020, Yolanda Hockett took a stand against the sale of the land known as Trinity Ridge, which was being considered as a means to fill a budget gap. Her opposition was based on the fact that the land was a valuable asset to the community and its sale would have a negative impact on the area. Thanks to Yolanda’s efforts, the land was not sold, and it continues to be a valuable resource for the community. This accomplishment demonstrates Yolanda’s leadership skills, her commitment to preserving community assets, and her ability to bring people together to achieve a common goal.

Yolanda Hockett played a key role in the creation of a law that requires local education agencies to provide educational services to students incarcerated in Juvenile detention centers. This law went into effect as a direct result of the DMC education task force that Yolanda spearheaded. This accomplishment showcases Yolanda’s passion for education, her leadership skills, and her ability to bring about meaningful change. It also demonstrates her commitment to advocating for the rights of marginalized communities and ensuring that they receive the support they need.

During a budget shortfall, Yolanda Hockett was able to advocate for the preservation of a girls residential facility that was in danger of closing down. Through her advocacy efforts, the facility was kept open, and it continues to provide essential services to the community. This accomplishment demonstrates Yolanda’s determination, her advocacy skills, and her commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. It also showcases her ability to bring people together to achieve a common goal and her willingness to take on challenging issues to make a difference in her community.

Yolanda Hockett has demonstrated her commitment to public service by running for Metro Council District 2 in 2019. This shows her willingness to take on new challenges, her determination to make a difference, and her dedication to serving the community. By putting herself forward as a candidate for public office, Yolanda demonstrated her courage, her confidence, and her determination to bring change to the district.

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